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Unleash your creativity with 'PHOTOFINDER V1.' This digital download offers 70 landscape photography locations curated by Gavin MacDonald. From majestic mountains to tranquil coastlines, each spot is a canvas for your artistic vision. Receive GPS coordinates, Google Earth pins with attached images of the shots from each location and KML data for Google maps to elevate your craft. Perfect for all skill levels, 'PHOTOFINDER V1' is your passport to breathtaking landscapes and unparalleled inspiration.

Download now and embark on your photography adventure.


70 Photo locations from 2023

This download includes​:

  • Access to the Google Earth location points of all 70 locations with photos.

  • Access to the KML Map data for directions to all locations on Google maps.

Please note that these downloads and links are for you personal use only.


Interactive 3D maps from Google Earth lets you explore the area in detail.

Each pinned location is as close as possible to the actual location where the photo was taken from and comes with the photo taken from that spot.


Google Earth locations and Google Maps KML data both work on PC an mobile. If you have Google Earth Pro you can also view the sun direction and shadows.


With the KML data you can download all the locations onto google maps which gives you directions to each location so you can plan your journey in advance.



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