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I began photographing when I got my first ever camera phone. The Nokia N95. It was a chunky slider packed with features, but none were as impressive at the time as that 5-megapixel camera with the Carl Zeiss lens. It took beautiful photos for its time and from that moment I immediately fell in love with photography.


I later upgraded from my mobile phone camera to a DSLR. This was a whole new world of photography for me. I spent years taking many terrible shots of the most random things, learning, practicing, and repeating (I didn’t have the wonderful advice and guidance from YouTube back then). Then due to work and family problems and a long hard battle with depression, I lost interest in photography and sold everything.

One morning, after not being able to sleep all night, I decided just to get dressed and go for a walk into the hills. That was the moment for me that was to change my life that I will never forget. The sun beginning to rise over a bank of fog in the distance all while there was still the moon and stars showing in the dark of the sky. I didn’t have a camera, I sold it, and there was no one else around. It was just me and a mental photo.

After that morning I realised I had to get everything back. I just loved being able to freeze a split-second moment in time that you will never see again and then share it with the world. The getting up while everyone is still asleep or going out just as others are going to bed all to try and stand in the right spot at the right time on the right year and hope you’ve not forgotten the memory card.

I consider myself lucky living in Scotland. It is full of such spectacular and dramatic landscapes. I enjoy the process of exploring new places whatever country I am in, watching things unfold and the environment change. Photography gives me freedom. It allows me to be both technical and artistic and helps me to showcase how I see the world.


It is simply everything all at once and it’s a way for me to leave a legacy for others.

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